Should you go Propane?

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Should you go Propane? Empty Should you go Propane?

Post by Spidubic on Tue Mar 19, 2013 3:25 pm

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Should you go Propane? Empty Re: Should you go Propane?

Post by growler on Wed Mar 20, 2013 9:15 am

i had a chevy p/u with dual fuel,propane and gasoline,and later a ford with just propane, and they werenot bad,the dual fuel kept freezing up (the propane (lpg)carburetor)in humid weather or when low on fuel (lpg) so you had to keep a bit of gas in it at all times.
it didn't get the greatest pg on they aren't the best system (most fuel efficient) and as lpg used to have a 50% lower tax rate plus no pst,itwas ok.
then the ford,it seemed to be far less prone to freeze ups(i don't think it ever did?),maybe it had an electric heater in/on the carb.
it got better fuel mileage than the chey,and was pst free,but they had raised the fuel/rooad tax up by then,(20% lower than gasoline in a car) but by the i had an adapter to allow anyone that filled bbq tanks(road tax free)tofill the tank for me,if they would (some were scared of being caught selling to vehicles?) but it was ok,if you knew where lpg was sold,at realistic prices (same as gas stations try raising the prices if there isn't much competition) and with lpg you can see a great improvement in oil life/cleanliness,but if traveling on long trips,you need to stop more often for fuel. and you must maintain your cooling system more than average,and not run your a'c in slow moving traffic conditios a engines run much hotter when using lpg,and you have more overheating issue's
cng ,or lng (compressed natural gas or liquified natura gas wwould be cheaper if you were able to use it,as it is cheap,has no road taxes (yet?),and a lot of car companies and some individuals know how to convert a lot of vehicles to use it.
i had a few lpg tanks that i "picked" up over a period of time, then while at an auction in orlando one winter i met a guy from niagara falls area who bought a used comercial natural gas compressor (there are lot's of small personal sized compressors around that will work for one car) that came in from a factory that used cng in their forklifts,and this guy wanted it trucked up from fla,to outside niagara falls.
so i gave him a price,and did it later in the spring.
but anyhow this guy bought my lpg tanks and converted them to be used on cng,and as he has/had about 10 small vehicles (tow truck,and delivery vans,used auto parts/wrecking yard)and the place his yard was at had a good natural gas well on it,he claime it cost him only about 15% of $ for his fuel than when using gasoline!
but if an individual buys a car converted to cng (a new one costs about $6-$9,000. more)and never travels more than 150 miles(tanks only hold enough for about 330 miles) away from home or knows where a cng station is enroute,and gets a cng generator installed at your home,you can cut your fuel costs in 1/2.
good for some,but not everyone.
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