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Post by observer on Thu Jul 26, 2012 10:55 pm

95 year old mother in law has moved to an assisted living facilty. We transferred her phone to that location.

Today, Bell sent a promo to that new address.

Since she's become a widow, she's maintained her husband's name for the phone book - not looking, therefore, like a woman living alone - and thus more vulnerable.

Consequently, the mailing was sent to her deceased husband's name.

The Post Office called another relative to say that there was mail there that was going to be returned to sender. The address was correct, except that instead of "Delhi" - it said "Norfolk" - but DID have Delhi's postal code. And, small town as it is, the P.O. personnel KNEW that the intended recipient was the mother of a female with a different last name, and called her to check on this returned mail.

As I continue to think about it - I'm no longer faulting the Post Office - but rather the "clerk" at the Living facility, who checked the room number on the address, and decided that the person living in that room was female - not male - and not with that first name - so sent it back to sender.

Where has common sense gone?
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My rant of the day Empty Re: My rant of the day

Post by growler on Fri Jul 27, 2012 10:41 am

it' an expensive item ther ob !
can't just give it to anyone (that common sense stuff )
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