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In Dubai, they forgot one " LITTLE " thing!!!

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      In Dubai, they forgot one " LITTLE " thing!!! Empty In Dubai, they forgot one " LITTLE " thing!!!

Post by retired2 Fri Sep 11, 2015 8:06 pm

In Dubai, they forgot one " LITTLE " thing!!!

The modern Arab world!  You have seen those architectural wonders Dubai. However, none are hooked up to a sewer system!
The two minute video below passes a line of poop trucks and never gets to  the end of the line.
What were these people thinking?
An unbelievable amount of sewage is generated by the new high-rises and there is no place to dispose of it.  Camel sense seems about right!
Dubai doesn't have a sewage system for all those big new buildings so they haul it all away in tank trucks.

Look at the number of tank trucks that are waiting to dump their load This is amazing. They wait for days to dump their load.
You would have thought that by building all those huge skyscrapers they would have enough sense to put in a sufficient sewage system to haul away all that crap.

You would imagine  that those building that look amazingly beautiful were  built on a well-planned system of utilities.  But, that's NOT TRUE!
 click below.....worth watching,.........lower the volume or excuse the unnecessary language.


I wonder if the air they breathe is affected? Seems to me that, similar to the adage, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” would
Lend itself to this scenario of, “where there’s poop, there’s aroma?!
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