Hard to believe - I was actually starting to miss him!

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Hard to believe - I was actually starting to miss him!

Post by observer on Thu Feb 12, 2015 10:27 pm

He was always good for a fun news bite! And he's back again - at least sorta!

Rob Ford may not be Toronto's mayor any more, but he's still finding his way to the spotlight.

The councillor was ejected from Toronto city council on Wednesday afternoon, after he refused to apologize for comments he made about city staff.

"There's something wrong with how the city hall works," Ford said, speaking with reporters after he was asked to leave council chambers.

The controversy arose after a report came to council about sending city staff and a councillor on a trip to Italy, as part of an effort to promote the city as a potential site for a future Expo.

The $20,000 cost of the trip was absent from the report, which led to a moment where Ford suggested it was "very hard to believe" the omission was unintentional.

That began the process that led the Speaker to ask Ford to leave the meeting.

"Coun. Ford, please, the staff answered your question," Speaker Frances Nunziata said.

Coun. Mary-Margaret McMahon then called for a retraction of the comments, which Ford said were grounded in his opinion. Nunziata then told Ford to retract the comments and to apologize.

The councillor demanded a recorded vote on the matter, but Nunziata informed him that wasn't warranted as she had made a ruling.

"Coun. Ford, I followed the procedure. I asked you three times to please retract your comments and apologize. That's how it works," Nunziata said, as Ford argued that she hadn't followed the proper procedures.

When Ford declined to apologize, he was asked to leave.
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Re: Hard to believe - I was actually starting to miss him!

Post by Ruby Tuesday on Sat Feb 14, 2015 9:48 am

I hadn't heard about that! I do think he likes the attention. I also think that missing a $20,000 price tag would look a little fishy.
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